ElectrumX Database Foundry

All DB backups will be for ElectrumX following the BTC chain in RocksDB format.

I plan to make a new backup every month (or two) with the most recent being February 24, 2019.

Last Sync from Genesis

Jan 01 00:13:22.105075 electrumx_server[12951]: INFO:DB:tx/sec since genesis: 11,437, since last flush: 8,375
Jan 01 00:13:22.105075 electrumx_server[12951]: INFO:DB:sync time: 08h 58m 03s ETA: 00s
Jan 01 00:13:22.105671 electrumx_server[12951]: INFO:BlockProcessor:ElectrumX 1.8.12 synced to height 556,459
Jan 01 00:13:22.105671 electrumx_server[12951]: INFO:DB:closing DBs to re-open for serving

NOTE: Intel E3 1230v3 w/ 16GB RAM on 500GB Evo SSD :: CACHE_MB=2000